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27:2 'CROWNS'

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The motive behind any kind of establishment is the determinant of its upward thrive or downright downfall. When it comes to human beings, why you choose to embark on a journey of friendship with someone is part of the foundation that can either withstand the tests of time, or like the house built on sand, be washed away by the winds and storms of life. (Matthew 7:26:-27) Friendships are and will always be tested-but what is actually under trial is usually the motive behind the friendship. There is a purpose for everything-including friendship. And until we accept that there is a ‘why’ attached to the ‘what’, we will always classify friendship as a casual part of our everyday life when in real sense, there is a purpose for everyone you meet-whether for a season or for destiny. And so I reiterate what I mentioned earlier in my previous post, that when you walk with God closely, He may reveal to you people with whom you will; 1)Either grow & keep boundaries with or 2)Let go of without …



 “I decided to take note of patterns because patterns never lie. If I could change my patterns then I could change my life.” In my previous post, I shared mechanisms I’ve previously used to tolerate sin. The feedback from the post had me dig even deeper and evaluate my lifestyle, my patterns and habits in the light of eternity.
Let me fill you in on the biggest lie I have believed- that I can do life alone! The thought of appearing or embracing my need for help (even when I desperately need it) makes me cringe. Because I am a woman that would prefer to watch humanity tremble at my roar, envisioning my groaning and presenting my vulnerability is an attack on my manifested confidence-or is it simply pride? Yes, that is it- my pride; this puffed up attitude that I can do it all (bad and good) by myself. God has wired each of us to be dependent on each other. I can prove this to be true, by constantly evaluating what I say to and about myself. The mumbling that has been ongoing for years abou…