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27:10 'CHECK-IN'

I read an interesting quote a while back that stated this; “In 6 months time, you can either be in the same place or a better place. Focus everyday on improving your health, wealth and happiness. It will take time, but you can make it happen.”
As I pondered over the month that has gone by, I decided to do a kind of check-in with myself. Check- ins for me are important, to clarify patterns, habits and behaviors that have either improved and are reflecting a better ‘me’, or have changed and thus exhibited a version of me that has minimal growth. Honestly I can go about thumping my chest about how good I am… but that is not the case today. I think what we perceive as good is humanly relative. But what God says is good, whether or not we accept it as so, is true. There is something many of us including myself use as a tool to try and make us feel a sense of relief. The statement, “I’m not perfect.” Sometimes though, we misuse it as a weapon to try and defend the pain and damage we inflict …
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27:9 'DESIRE'


One thing ‘independence’ teaches you, is how you never want to be alone. I shared this sentiments with a good friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, after my move out of home. It was supposed to be an exciting period for me, but incidences and circumstances can take a tremendous turn sometimes. Your introspection somewhat feels like an emergency surgery from discovery of ‘internal bleeding.’ That’s how I’ve felt for a while, like I was to be worked on or else I’d lose my mind or eventually myself. And so I wrote to a dear friend who out of the usual did something for me that to date remains priceless. Something that reminded me, why I call a countable few, my friends. It wasn’t almost 10 minutes later, that she rang me. I couldn’t respond because I was held up in a meeting. So when I got home, with a smile managing to form on my face knowing it took a lot of courage to face the day, she called me back. Frankly speaking, I had no energy in me to speak and wanted to simply ignore the cal…